Monday, February 20, 2012

So Damn Sexual

Home early, let me sneek up on my baby today !

Lol, Like a rich white man would in the movies "honey I'm home ", as I pull my key from out the door.

Her sexy ass coming down the steps looking so so so damn good, I open my arms to her saying nothing big but I miss you girl. She happy as shit ! why you home so early boo, I reply with a lie - today was slow,

knowing in my head that I'm just horny as hell & thats the reason why. Shit warming up now, She horny to ! That's why we made for each other ? To fucking freaks = you feel me. I'm standing up still, I'd never sat down yet because she jumped right into my arms & wrapped them pretty as feet around my body.

Not yet baby Not yet Not yet I say over & over as she licks my fuck'n ear, oooohhhh baby that's daddy spot right thur. I Know, with a sexy voice that only makes me even harder, Hard like a rock aint the word now, I'm more like a fuck'n mountain "HARD & HIGH" ! A couple pulls from that sticky icky that my brother left on the table lastnight gotta brothera with the munchies, climb up me baby climb up me I want some of them fuck'n peaches you got right thur ! She on my face now, all in the air, Like fresh fruit in the summer on a out ass day, them juices got a nigga going 4sure ! As I pull on them lips I ask her "Who pussy is this" I get no reply because she going threw the motions right now ....She can't say anything because daddy put that fuck'n work in.

We up stairs now, I'm ready. Get that ass on the bed and fuck'n take off all your clothes, daddy got some dick for you now, Asking while whipping my face off from that "cool aide" I just had.

She now ready and talking shit telling me to hurry the fuck up,, Is that a fuck'n challenge I ask

she like what u think

so we.......................To Be continued

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