Monday, February 20, 2012

A Gift

Like them kids say "Do what it Do " hold my ears while I creep on down there,

you my boo 4ever and always I owe it all to you,

No sex no worries, don't even worry about what the bull doing to you down there

Like I said before I got you boo, from your lips to your belly "like Lil wayne said, I'm going In I'm going in"

Look at me while I please you, you like right baby ! proudly I say because her man always putting in that work, you do you do she says - I just bet you do.

Lights all on never scared to show my work to my favorite customer, like

Jeremih said "let me be your waiter" I'm here to fulfill all fantasy like always that I do. I'm nasty so I go beyond those beautiful peaches you have, Lift them legs all the way up

Like my man Trey Songz say "YUP", Im really going in tonight !

The sounds she makes almost sounds like she is crying but never but if so, for joy I know.

Why Why she say to me, why are you doing this to me ? Because I love you, this is my job & this you deserve at any giving time of the day my lady. Grab that toy because daddy wanna watch now, o.k she says but takes her like 2 to 3 minutes to get up, Hard ass a fuck'n rock now but still, her night tonight. Knowing damn well I want some, but knowing she'll give right in to me.

Round 2.................4- play with me ?

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