Monday, February 20, 2012

Last Words............

Actions speak louder then just words

Actions can be good but bad actions could be worst then all,

bad actions that weigh out more then the good isn't good at all

But love could stop & heal it all,

If not well, Love no more because love left & went out that door.

Love lost is worst of the worst if you ask me, what could make this all over come

the good that we did have at one time

If love you seek - FIX before un-fixable, love means alot these days & times

Love not, well move along then "easyer said then done they say"

Love gave me this last breath that I now take and use to say,

Lets make this fuck'n pain go away. Together we can live stronger & wish for

a better day, a better way of life you and me my wife.

Love ain't that bad is it, I ask of you try 4 the best

that's what I will do to keep you, She replies back

"Love Don't Live Here Any More" DAMN !

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